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There is nothing worse than not being able to fire up the Big Green Egg due to the electric starter failing, running out of fire starters or your torch failing prior to starting up a cook.

Here it will be discussed how you can still get that amazing dinner done without the Big Green Egg electric starter.

How to Light The Big Green Egg With A Paper Towel

Believe it or not, this is a super easy to get The Big Green Egg fired up without an electric starter! All you need is three pieces of paper towel and some olive oil.

To fire up the Big Green Egg without the without a starter simply get about three pieces of paper towel. Saturate all three pieces of paper towel with olive oil until you have about a 50% soaked with olive oil / 50% dry paper towel.

Once complete insert the paper towel into the lump coal of the Big Green Egg in Thirds. With the dome of the Big Green Egg open also confirm the draft vent at the bottom is wide open.

Proceed with igniting the tips of all three paper towels and lit them burn out in which you should be ready to grill/smoke on the Big Green Egg in no time!

How to Light The Big Green Egg With Rubbing Alcohol

Video coming soon!

This method is pretty much the same as the Olive Oil Method. It is just another option if you don’t have olive oil laying around.

Simply get the paper towel about 50% soaked in rubbing alcohol and them push them into the coals. Ensure the draft door is open and light all three. You should have coals lit in no time there after!

How to Light The Big Green Egg With a Fire Starter

Rutland Fire Starters

Rutland Fire Starters

How to Light The Big Green Egg With a Torch

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How to Light Big Green Egg with Electric Starter

Video coming soon!

We have all started out as a newbie at one point or another. I’ve included this with the starting methods to ensure even the novice are able to get The Big Green Egg going to start on there adventure!

The first step is to ensure you have a safe place to set it down to cool as it will be extremely hot when its pulled from the lump coal of the Big Green Egg. Once this is achieved simply put the electric starter in the middle of the coals and plug it in.

Give it a good 3-5 minutes to do its thing, heat up and get the lump coal going. Once flame is achieved and the coals are going just unplug it, pull it out of the lump coal and set it someplace save to properly cool down.


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