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How to Make Stuffed Chicken Breast on the Big Green Egg (Kamado)

How to Make Stuffed Chicken Breast on the Big Green Egg (Kamado)

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This stuffed chicken breast on the Big Green Egg is perfectly seasoned with Dizzy Pig’s Shakin’ the Tree spice. As stated by Dizzy Pig, this spice brings a tangy flavor of citrus with a lemon zest thus the perfect Gourmet Lemon Pepper flavor.


  • Chicken Breast
  • Shakin’ the Tree by Dizzy Pig
  • Sliced Ham, any lunch meat would work
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Italian Blended Cheese
  • Toothpicks
Stuffed Chicken Breast Shakin' The Tree By Dizzy Pig

Fire up the Big Green Egg

Bge Temperature

Get the Big Green Egg dialed into right around 300-325 degrees. This is best cooked with direct heat directly on the grate. While this is dialing in it is a good time to prepare the chicken.

How to Prepare the Stuffed Chicken for the Big Green Egg

Start out by putting toothpicks in a cup of water so they don’t ignite during the cooking phase. Two or three toothpicks should be enough for each piece of chicken.

Stuffed Chicken Pocket

Start out by creating a “pocket” in the chicken breast. This is easily done by taking a pairing knife and basically cutting the chicken in half leaving the one side attached.

Add Stuffing

Fill the chicken breast with what ever sounds good to the taste buds. For this particular cook we cut up a few pieces of ham and added some Mozzarella and Italian blended cheese which turned out fantastic.

Stuffing Added

Once complete simply close the chicken breast back up.

Seasons With Shakin' The Tree By Dizzy Pig

Sprinkle some Shakin’ the Tree by Dizzy Pig on the outside. If you like more of a bold taste also put some one the inside of the breast.

Stuffed Chicken With Toothpicks

Flip the chicken over and repeat. At this phase you will also take the tooth picks and insert them at about a 45 degree angle through both breasts. This will help keep the contents in the chicken while it cooks.

On The Egg

Set the chicken directly on the grate.

Probed For Cooking

Add your meat probes so you can monitor the temperature without opening it to test with a thermal-pen.

Let the chicken cook until its about 150 degrees in which you’ll want to open the lid and give them a flip. This will also give the other side some good color.

Proceed to let the chicken cook until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. According to the USDA the safe internal temperature for the chicken is a minimum of 165 degrees. Once this is reached, pull the chicken and enjoy.

This recipe is also awesome with a side of baked beans!

Ready To Eat Stuff Chicken Breast From The Big Green Egg
Stuffed Chicken Breast On The Big Green Egg (Bge)

Which woods go with the Chicken to further ramp the flavor?

The best wood that compliments chicken nicely is fruit woods like Apple, Peach or Cherry. When cooking chicken I tend to use Apple wood as it seems to be more easily available at stores around me. It gives off a mild sweet and fruity flavor which really compliments Chicken among Beef and Pork.

Maple is another good wood to use when smoking chicken on the Big Green Egg. This also provides a sweet flavor to the meat. It is also a good wood to use on other meats like Pork, Ham and even Seafood.


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