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How to Cook Chicken Wings W/ Cow Lick on the Big Green Egg (Kamado)

How to Cook Chicken Wings W/ Cow Lick on the Big Green Egg (Kamado)

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This chicken wing recipe with Cow Lick Spice on the Big green egg is absolutely delicious. I’ve never had a “naked” wing taste so good.

Obviously adding a sauce will really top it off in which I have several other methods but Cow Lick by Dizzy Pig is highly recommended as it just hits home.

This spice is a Dizzy Pig original and as stated by Dizzy Pig, it is a delicious seasoning that is filled with loads of fresh ground pepper, earthy chilies, paprika, garlic and onion.

It’s also the perfect complement to burgers, chicken, chili, steaks, prime rib and brisket. Cow Lick seasoning is a must buy to add to your arsenal of seasonings.

Setup the Big Green Egg for the Cow Lick Wings

BGE Draft Vent setting to Achieve 300 Degrees.
BGE Daisy Wheel to Achieve 300 Degrees

This recipe is best at a lower temperature which keeps the chicken nice and juicy. Dial the Big Green Egg into 275-300 degrees. The wings will be cooked direct on the grate.

How to Prepare Cow Lick Chicken Wings for the Big Green Egg

Img 9958

First, start out by laying the wings out in preparation for the Cow Lick Seasoning.

Img 9959

Moderately sprinkle the Cow Lick seasoning by Dizzy Pig on to the wings.

Img 9960

Flip the wings and repeat putting the Cow Lick on the other side.

How to Cook the Cow Lick Chicken Wings

Img 9962

Let the chicken cook to about 160 degrees and give them a flip so they can get some color on the other side as well.

Img 9965 1

Let the chicken continue to cook until it hits the minimum temperature of 165 degrees per the USDA. I prefer to pull them off at about 175-180 degrees which will give the wings a little bit of a crisp to them.

Img 9967

Enjoy the bold flavors that Dizzy Pigs Cow Lick Seasoning has to offer!

How to add more flavor to the Cow Lick Chicken Wings

These chicken wings are also awesome with the following sauces/spices:

Which type of wood go with the Chicken to further ramp the flavor?

The best wood that compliments chicken nicely is fruit woods like Apple, Peach or Cherry. When cooking chicken I tend to use Apple wood as it seems to be more easily available at stores around me. It gives off a mild sweet and fruity flavor which really compliments Chicken among Beef and Pork.

Maple is another good wood to use when smoking chicken on the Big Green Egg. This also provides a sweet flavor to the meat. It is also a good wood to use on other meats like Pork, Ham and even Seafood.


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