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Spicy Swamp Venom Blackened W/ Bayou-Ish Juicy Chicken (BGE, Kamado)

Spicy Swamp Venom Blackened W/ Bayou-Ish Juicy Chicken (BGE, Kamado)

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This Spicy Swamp Venom Blackened w/ Bayou-ish Juicy Chicken is cooked to perfection on the Big Green Egg and makes a great meal every time. If you like some heat on your food then this is the recipe for you.

As stated by Dizzy Pig, the Swamp Venom delivers a punch in the mouth with lingering heat and a complex flavor profile that will satisfy any Egghead. It gets it influences from the south and is excellent on chicken among other things like Beef, Shrimp & Pork.

While this recipe is good with just Swamp Venom I’ve kicked it up a little more by adding some Bayou-ish blackening seasoning. This spice is also by Dizzy Pig and packs quite a bit more flavor in which it is good all on its own as well.


Img 9876

Setting the Big Green Egg up

Big Green Egg Dialed Into 300 Degrees

Get the Big Green Egg fired up for a direct on the grate cook. Dial the Temperature into about 300 Degrees.

How to prepare the Spicy Swamp Venom Blackened w/ Bayou-ish Chicken for the BGE

Img 9877

Start out by dripping a nickel size amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on each chicken breast. Rub the oil even across the breast to give the spices something to grab on to.

Img 9879

Sprinkle an even layer of Dizzy Pigs Swamp Venom on each chicken breast.

Img 9880

Follow the Swamp Venom with Dizzy Pigs Bayou-ish Blackening Seasoning. Simply flip the chicken over and repeat this process on the other side. Next, proceed with placing the chicken directly on the grate and put a probe in them to easily monitor them.

Img 9882

Let them cook until the internal temperature reaches 135 degrees. Once this is achieved flip them over and let them continue to cook.

Img 9885

Once the the internal temperature reaches about 155 degrees proceed to flipping them one more time.

Img 9887

Let the chicken breast cook until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. 165 degrees is the minimum chicken temperature according to the USDA. Once this is achieved pull them right away to prevent them from drying out. This will keep them nice and moist.

Img 9890

Enjoy the Spicy Swamp Venom Blackened w/ Bayou-ish Chicken recipe!

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Which woods go with the Chicken to further ramp the flavor?

The best wood that compliments chicken nicely is fruit woods like Apple, Peach or Cherry. When cooking chicken I tend to use Apple wood as it seems to be more easily available at stores around me. It gives off a mild sweet and fruity flavor which really compliments Chicken among Beef and Pork.

Maple is another good wood to use when smoking chicken on the Big Green Egg. This also provides a sweet flavor to the meat. It is also a good wood to use on other meats like Pork, Ham and even Seafood.


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